Yogi detox tea is an energy drink of oriental origin that is mainly composed of ingredients such as cloves, cinnamon, ginger, pepper and cardamom. It is supposed to be beneficial for the body as a complement to detox diets thanks to its stimulating and revitalizing properties. In addition, it is a drink suitable for all those women who cannot normally drink coffee or tea since it does not contain any exciting substance such as caffeine or theine. As if that were not enough, its recipe is capable of toning the liver and regulating the nervous system.

Specific properties of yogi detox tea

  • Yogi detoxifying tea is specifically designed to get rid of all those impurities that have accumulated inappropriately in the body. Given this scenario, the defenders of this type of miraculous articles affirm that the infusion is capable of helping our body to clean itself by filtering two of the main organs of the digestive system: the liver and the kidneys. As we know, doctors affirm regarding these techniques that the human organism is capable of eliminating toxins by itself, without the need for any external interference.
  • Although the main ingredients in Yogi Detox Tea are as mentioned above, some recipes may include other herbs such as juniper cone, Indian sarsaparilla, burdock, and dandelion. It is an infusion that is having a great impact in the media thanks to the enormous promotion that many celebrities are doing, assuming an elementary pillar in the development of cleansing eating routines.
  • In purely medical terms, it is possible that all the effects attributed to yogi detoxifying tea are due to placebo, since there is no scientific evidence to support the supposed purifying properties of this infusion. In this way, we can conclude that it is not a product that is harmful to the body, but neither is it a revolutionary element when dealing with it as part of a detox diet.


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