Detox diets, as we already know, aim to help the body to release toxins as well as protect itself from the action of free radicals which, in short, accelerate premature aging.

In this way, many cleansing eating routines have a second phase in which they introduce a greater amount of antioxidant foods with the aim of protecting the body from unusual deterioration at the cellular level. This does not mean that these regimens -or any others- slow down the aging process -something inherent to human existence itself- but, rather, that they can help us to have a better quality of life.

Antioxidant detox diet and the brake on aging

  1. Day 1: at breakfast 30 grams of whole grains and a handful of cherries; in the middle of the morning a coffee with skimmed milk; for lunch, a lettuce salad and a grilled chicken breast fillet; in the snack 40 grams of fresh skimmed cheese and an orange; baked white fish for dinner.
  2. Day 2: at breakfast fruit salad with orange juice; in the middle of the morning 30 grams of turkey breast and a kiwi; in the emperor meal and steamed vegetables; in the snack 15 grams of nuts and a low-fat yogurt; at dinner grilled vegetables with turkey and cheese.
  3. Day 3: at breakfast 20 grams of whole grains, an apple, 10 grams of nuts and a low-fat yogurt; in the middle of the morning a coffee with skimmed milk; for lunch gazpacho without bread, a grilled beef fillet and green tea; in the snack 40 grams of fresh skimmed cheese and a little low-calorie jam; at dinner oriental chicken salad with papaya.
  4. Day 4: for breakfast a slice of whole wheat bread with olive oil and tomato; in the middle of the morning 15 grams of nuts and a low-fat yogurt; for lunch mixed vegetable salad and a grilled turkey breast; half a tomato and 30 grams of cooked ham for snack; at dinner a scrambled egg with mushrooms.


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