We are on the eve of the hottest months of the year, an issue that can affect us to such a level that we begin to rush to lose a few kilos in order to show off a defined figure once we try on the bikini.

Detox diets are very recurring eating routines in this regard, since they seek to eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation of the abdomen, purify retained fluids and, as a consequence, lose weight. In the following lines we present a five-day detox plan.

Prepare a detox plan to lose weight in five days

It must be borne in mind that this is extremely restrictive food planning that, given the special nature of its approach, can also be overwhelmingly boring, creating the danger of abandoning it without achieving the objectives initially set.

As always, we recommend, in case of doubt, seeking the advice of a nutrition expert who can objectively define the diet that is best for each of us.

  • Menu for days 1, 3 and 5: for breakfast a cup of chopped papaya, six almonds and a glass of detox water; in the middle of the morning a glass of detox water and a cup of chopped cucumber with lemon; at lunch a portion of grilled chicken breast with a small spoonful of olive oil, a mixed vegetable salad, half a boiled potato and a glass of detox water; at snack a glass of detox water and a slice of pineapple to the natural; at dinner a small can of tuna, a plate of steamed vegetables and a glass of detox water.
  • Menu for days 2 and 4: for breakfast a fresh vegetable juice: four carrots, a handful of spinach, a cucumber and half a cup of parsley; in the middle of the morning one or two cups of unsweetened green tea; at lunch a serving of brown rice and steamed vegetables seasoned with olive oil and lemon; at snack an apple, ginger and carrot juice; at dinner a vegetable juice: two tomatoes, two carrots, a handful of spinach, half a red pepper, half a cucumber and two stalks of celery.


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