The detox smoothie recipes represent one of the essential pillars around which detox diets revolve.

It must be remembered in this regard that eating routines that have a cleansing nature have, in turn, been planned for the massive intake of both fruits and vegetables.

Detox smoothie recipes are meant to flush your body of toxins because you are displacing processed foods with healthy ingredients like fruits, veggies, and other components that help restore your organs to a better state.

Benefits Of Detox smoothie recipes to take to work

Organic fresh fruits and vegetables are preferred over the intake of processed forms of prepared food like canned foods. Frozen fruits are healthy since they are manipulated very little and flash-frozen at the peak of their nutritional value.

Detox smoothies can assist your body in removing harmful pathogens and free radicals that are known to result in serious illnesses.

Intake of detox smoothies in an ideal quantity can improve your immunity, enhancing your body’s natural defenses against chronic diseases.

#1. Enhance Your Liver & Gallbladder Functioning:

The healthy components of detox smoothie keep your liver healthy by facilitating liver function and clearing out the digestive tract to enable you proactive at work.

It also has mild laxative properties that can help eliminate waste and prevent you from falling sick during working hours.

#2. Blood Purification:

Detox smoothie is one of the satisfactory all-natural therapies for cleansing the blood. It eliminates impurities from the blood in the liver, where toxins are filtered for elimination. It also eradicates toxins through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin.

#3. Youthful Glow:

Toxins in our bodies can have an alarming effect on our appearance. The skin absorbs pollutants that can dull the complexion. Detox smoothie drinks can help combat toxins and pollutants, reviving that radiant glow on your face and whole appearance.

4. Weight Management:

When incorporated with daily exercise and a healthy diet, Detox smoothie can assist you in meeting your fitness goals much quicker to look fit to work. 

It stimulates metabolism and boosts the body’s fat-burning abilities. Green detox tea has the best detox smoothie ingredients for weight loss. You can read on how to make detox smoothies in the thermomix here.

Detox smoothie recipes to take to work
Detox smoothie recipes to take to work

In this way, it can be perfectly understood that the shake format is much more comfortable and accessible, especially when we have to take it away from home, such as at work.

Types Of Detox Smoothies To Take To Work Daily

#1. Mango detox smoothie: A recipe rich in vitamins and minerals that can make the day at work more bearable, especially when the hot months arrive.

For its preparation, we will have to have a mango, a tablespoon of green tea, the juice of a large lemon, a glass of water, and a tablespoon of flax.

#2. Banana and coconut detox smoothie: It is an ideal option to take in the morning since it is a great contribution to energy.

Detox smoothie recipes to take to work
Detox smoothie recipes to take to work

The ingredients we need for its preparation are a banana, two tablespoons of spinach, two small tablespoons of vanilla extract, half a glass of skimmed milk, two tablespoons of almond butter, and one tablespoon of coconut milk.

#3. Beetroot detox smoothie: Fantastic drink to combine the intake of vegetables with that of fruit.

Detox smoothie recipes to take to work
Detox smoothie recipes to take to work

The ingredients are two beets, peeled and cut into small pieces, one green apple, two peeled carrots, half a cup of strawberries, a small spoonful of flax seeds, and a cup of ice cubes.

#4. Grape detox smoothie: This is a drink with excellent antioxidant properties as well as cleansing.

For its preparation, we need 20 to 30 peeled and seedless grapes, two tablespoons of spinach, the juice of one orange, crushed ice, half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, a small piece of ginger, and a tablespoon of coconut milk.

#5. Strawberry and banana detox smoothie: It is focused on the elimination of heavy metals from the body. Its ingredients are banana, five strawberries, half an apple, a handful of cilantro, and oat milk.


Detox smoothies are alkaline in nature which provides you with the stamina and energy you need daily to carry out your activities at work. Green smoothies especially help clear out our excretory system since they are high in fiber.


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