One of the iconic images referring to detox diets is that of the celebrity on duty, whether it belongs to the world of fashion, cinema or music, with a green smoothie in her hand as she walks happily through the streets of her city ​​of residence.

The green detox smoothie has become one of the most powerful promotional images when it comes to cleansing diets, which is why many women are beginning to be curious not only about its recipe but also about the beneficial assumptions it brings to the body. human.

The recipe for detox green juice

  • The original recipe, prepared by the famous and television American nutritionist Kimberly Snyder, for the green detox smoothie has the following ingredients: two pieces of fruit to choose between apples, bananas or pears, a heart of lettuce, three stalks of celery, the juice of half a lemon, a small handful of spinach, a glass of water or four ice cubes -depending on the month of the year in which we are.
  • To prepare this combination, we have to grind all the ingredients in a conventional blender or in an American blender, being important not to blend them so that they do not lose their properties.
  • The recommendation made by Kimberly Snyder herself is to take the detox green smoothie, especially first thing in the morning, especially because of the great vitamin content it offers. It is also recommended to take it before doing a sporting activity in order to obtain an extra energy intake. If we want to keep it to drink it later, it is preferable to put it in a glass container, since plastic ones can endanger its properties.
  • This is the basic recipe for the detox green smoothie. However, and due to the media impact that it has had and, above all, the great popularity achieved among women around the world, the nutritionist herself has developed various variations depending on the season in which we find ourselves, being able to use, in this way, mode, another type of vegetables and fruits.


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