The detox kit is a kind of homeopathic product that can be purchased in parapharmacies and whose function lies in its supposed ability to both drain and detoxify harmful substances that are attached to tissues.

It is made up of three liquids, lymphomysot improves the lymphatic drainage of the body, nux vomica strengthens intestinal and liver functions, and berberis supports the kidneys in their work to expel toxic substances from the body-. Its use is very simple, as it is enough to add thirty drops of each product in a liter and a half of water, mix well and drink throughout the day.

Real effectiveness of the detox kit

  1. The instructions for this detox kit mark as the most appropriate moments to start the treatment, all those in which we detect a significant toxic load in our body. This recommendation in itself can already give us an idea of ​​the real effectiveness of this product, since there are few women who may be medically qualified to make a diagnosis like the one required.
  2. In a context like this, it seems that the creators of the detox kit expect a leap of faith from us rather than scientific proof that it works. Obviously there are conditions such as a poor diet or certain toxic habits such as tobacco or alcohol that can harm our health, but these inappropriate habits can only be resolved by prescription.
  3. The prospectus for this detox kit also warns its potential users of the possibility of certain side effects. In fact, some of these manifestations are quite common in those people who use homeopathic products: increased mucous secretions, changes in the color and smell of urine, loose stools, nausea, stomach discomfort, reactions at the skin level and an increase in the frequency of urine.
  4. In some cases, some consumers of this detox kit have reported the impossibility of continuing with the detox treatment since the discomfort of these symptoms did not compensate for the supposed benefits that, a priori, it offered. These are issues that should make us reflect before acting impulsively with products that do not have medical certification.


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