One of the most recurring food figures in an environment marked by the detox diet is the smoothie. It must be remembered, in this regard, that this kind of cleansing eating routines have a double purpose: on the one hand, to lose a few kilos and, on the other hand, to cleanse the body of an inadequate accumulation of toxins.

This is carried out through highly restrictive planning that revolves around the massive consumption of both fruits and vegetables. Given this scenario, the homemade preparation of shakes is usually one of the constants for those women who intend to carry out a detoxification.

Where to buy detox shakes 

  • For the reasons described above, if we decide to join the trend of detox diets at any time, it is likely that, like the vast majority of users of these plans, we will end up betting on making all kinds of dishes and smoothies at home. reason why the acquisition of the same ones will always be a secondary question and totally occasional. In fact, there are not so many establishments where you can buy prepared detox shakes, although more and more are daring to put these products on sale.
  • However, it is online commerce that takes the plunge in this regard. There are dozens of web pages that sell, worldwide, products related to detox diets, including, of course, detox shakes. They tend to have high prices, everything is said, so the homemade option, again, can be the cheapest as well as the most accessible.
  • Finally, especially in the big cities, establishments are beginning to emerge -whether in the form of bars, cafeterias or ice cream parlors- that prepare juices and smoothies related to the detox universe. In this way, all those women who are developing a cleansing eating routine will be able to go out for a drink without fear of falling into temptations in the form of food or drink.


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