The love of many celebrities to drink shakes and smoothies at all hours – both the internet and printed magazines are full of images in this regard – has made regimes as unknown until recently as detox diets become fashionable.

This is the case of women associated with show business such as Alessandra Ambrossio, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Connely, Paris Hilton or Megan Fox. These are plans that do nothing more than give another twist to the concept of purifying toxins, an issue that has been criticized on multiple occasions from the world of nutrition.

Consequences of repeating the detox diet

  • As we well know, detox diets are based on extremely restrictive eating routines that concentrate their plans on the almost exclusive consumption of fruits and vegetables through shakes, shakes or smoothies.
  • This nutritional paucity causes, for obvious reasons, numerous imbalances in the body to the point of producing, if its duration is extended beyond two days, consequences such as headache, manifest weakness or nausea. In addition, as if that were not enough, it can unleash, once it is finished, the much-feared rebound effect.
  • The defenders of these detox diets affirm that they can be repeated as many times as you want throughout the year, as long as we have previously gone through a time in which we have exceeded the consumption of both food and drink. However, nutritionists warn in this regard that the message that it is possible to eat in any way cannot be conveyed since, later, it can be fixed through a two-day routine based on detox juices.
  • The diet must be healthy and balanced during most of the year. This does not mean that occasionally we cannot treat ourselves, the key is that detox diets alone do not solve anything since purification organs such as the liver or kidneys are already in charge of carrying out these functions. In this way, no matter how much it is repeated, we will not be able to obtain anything positive from the sacrifices that it demands in return.


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