Detox diets base their basic pillars around the effective elimination of toxins, the prevention of cellular aging and weight loss thanks to the massive incorporation of fruits and vegetables to the menus, and the elimination of carbohydrates, alcohol, sugars, processed foods, fats and caffeine. An enormously controversial issue that has been debated and discussed in numerous medical and scientific forums, who tend to affirm that this type of eating routine, far from helping to achieve said purposes, clearly harms the health of the organism.

Is it possible to lose three kilos in seven days?

  • When we talk about weight loss associated with a detox diet, we have to take into account the way in which it occurs. As previously stated, diet in this context is based almost exclusively on the intake of fruits and vegetables, excessively restricting protein intake. As the days go by, the body progressively loses a large amount of muscle mass, not finding enough nutrients to preserve it. In this way, the miraculous weight loss that detox regimens promise is produced, keeping fat reserves almost intact and eliminating a fundamental part of our muscle construction.
  • Not all the orientations that detox diets carry out in this regard are negative. The introduction of fruits and vegetables, the intake of water in balanced proportions and the elimination of substances harmful to the body such as caffeine, alcohol or tobacco are tips that all women who are concerned about our weight should follow. However, both doctors and nutritionists do not consider weight loss of more than half a kilo per week healthy, as it is based on unbalanced and poorly structured eating routines.
  • We can affirm that, in essence, it is possible to lose three kilos in seven days thanks to detox diets. What cannot be verified is that it is carried out in a balanced and healthy way, since if the loss refers fundamentally to muscle mass, once we conclude said regimen the rebound effect will not only cause us to recover the lost weight in a very little time but the amount of accumulated fat will multiply with respect to the initial situation.


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