Carrying out a detox diet in a more or less normative way can only be done through the consultation of a nutrition professional, objectively defining the nutrients we need to achieve the proposed objectives.

No article taken from the internet or from any written publication can be a guarantee of success, since each metabolism must be worked on in the way that best suits it.

In this way, we can only approach a list of tips in a very generic way and also avoiding the most radical detox formulas.

Tips for carrying out a detox diet

  1. Consume fruits and vegetables: Whether raw or in the form of juices, these foods will be the pillars on which a food routine of this type is based. Those vegetables and fruits that have antioxidant, digestive or diuretic properties are especially useful.
  2. Eat five meals a day: The digestive system must be subjected to slow and constant work, so that unnecessary waste does not accumulate in our body.
  3. Drink a lot of water: To rid the body of toxins, it is essential to consume at least two liters of water a day. In this way, we will provide essential support to the kidneys when it comes to eliminating all waste.
  4. Choose a detox diet that complements your lifestyle: Although the most celebrated routines are those known for their radicalism, nutritionists tend to recommend those regimes that include a significant protein intake.
  5. Avoid alcohol, tobacco and coffee: These are addictive substances that tend to enhance the accumulation of toxins in our body.
  6. Use the detox diet as a gateway to a more balanced diet: It is useless to submit to a restrictive regimen if once it is finished we return to unhealthy eating habits.
  7. Reduce the consumption of red meat: We must try to replace this type of food with fish and white meat, much less aggressive for our digestive system.
  8. Make sure that the three main food groups are present at each meal: For detox food routines to be more balanced, we must introduce proteins, carbohydrates and fats into all meals.


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