With the arrival of good weather, the concern to maintain our line begins to be more than pressing. It is time to face eating routines that allow us to lose those kilos that we have accumulated thanks to winter excesses.

This is the case of the pumpkin detox diet, a cleansing, hypocaloric and detoxifying diet that revolves around this very versatile vegetable, since it can be used combined with a multitude of different dishes, whether hot or cold.

How to introduce pumpkin in a detox diet?

  • As we have already mentioned, pumpkin is a food that has very few calories and that, in addition, can be used in a multitude of ways. It is some vegetable rich in potassium and is known for its antioxidant as well as diuretic properties, which is why it is an invaluable help not only to detoxify the different organs that make up the digestive system but also to prevent diseases that affect the urinary tract. Likewise, it is responsible for taking care of our eyesight, skin and regulating intestinal transit thanks to its great fiber composition.
  • We can prepare a menu introducing pumpkin as the main ingredient of a detox diet in the following way: for breakfast green tea with saccharin and a squeeze of lemon, a slice of York ham or turkey and two slices of natural pineapple; in the mid-morning a low-fat yogurt; for lunch pumpkin cream or green beans with pumpkin, baked or grilled white fish, mixed vegetable salad and green tea with saccharin; at snack a slice of melon and an infusion of horsetail; at dinner a mixed vegetable salad, baked pumpkin and red tea.
  • Being such a restrictive detox regimen, its duration should not exceed four days, otherwise, we could begin to feel symptoms such as headaches, digestive abnormalities, or manifest weakness. To avoid this type of circumstance, we can consult with a nutrition professional who can more clearly define our objectives.


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