Purifying diets are one of the most current ways to lose weight while eliminating toxins from the body. They are usually very recurring plans, especially after times of excesses such as Christmas or various celebrations after which we end up very bloated and even with abnormalities related to the digestive system. In this situation, many women choose to configure these detox diets at home, looking for easier ways to access this type of planning. We teach you how to make a home detox plan that allows you to eliminate toxins without leaving home.

How to make a homemade detox diet? 

Following the patterns set by nutritionists, who recommend that detox diets do not exceed two days in duration, it is possible to carry out a purifying -and homemade- food routine without negatively conditioning the health of the organism. Many criticisms of these diets come precisely from an excessive restriction in the contribution of certain macronutrients that can lead to the development of certain symptoms such as fatigue, headaches or manifest weakness. In the following, we propose a possible homemade detox menu.

Day 1 in your homemade detox plan

On the first day, have apple juice and low-fat yogurt for breakfast; in the mid-morning a fruit salad with banana, orange and pear; at lunch in a mixed vegetable salad with tomato, carrot, celery, lettuce and spinach and a green tea; at snack a couple of slices of melon or watermelon; at dinner a garlic soup and an infusion of horsetail with saccharin.

Day 2 in your homemade detox plan

On the second day, have a grape and banana juice and a low-fat yogurt for breakfast; in the mid-morning a fruit salad and green tea; at lunch a vegetable stew with artichoke, onion, leek, cabbage, thistle, beans, zucchini, lemon and a small splash of olive oil and green tea; in the snack two slices of natural pineapple and a low-fat yogurt; at dinner a cup of Andalusian gazpacho with pepper, tomato, cucumber, green pepper, onion, salt, olive oil and vinegar and an orange.

Now that you know how to make a detox plan at home, discover a little more about this type of diet. In the following video, Carmen Candela, an endocrine doctor, talks about the detox diet and other issues related to food.


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