Detox diets promise rapid weight loss in a short space of time between three and five kilos in a week. Let us remember, in this regard, that cleansing eating routines do without numerous nutrients with the aim of limiting their plans to a large consumption of fruits and vegetables through liquid or semi-liquid preparations. However, the weight loss achieved with this method can be misleading since, fundamentally, fluids and muscle mass will be lost, so the commitment to a more balanced and healthy diet is more relevant, even if the process is a bit Slower.

Balanced detox diet to lose weight

  1. Day 1: at breakfast a banana sweetened with a small spoonful of honey, a glass of skimmed milk and two whole-grain crackers; for lunch, a salad with carrots, tomatoes, cauliflower and chard, a bowl of brown rice, a soy burger, an apple and an infusion of rosehip; at snack an orange juice and a sandwich of wholemeal bread with cottage cheese; at dinner a mixed vegetable salad, a grilled chicken breast fillet, a pear and a glass of mint detox water.
  2. Day 2: for breakfast a skimmed yogurt, a piece of wholemeal sliced ​​bread and a red tea; at lunch, a scrambled vegetable with two eggs, a slice of melon and a glass of mint detox water; in the snack a toast of whole wheat bread with a little honey and a glass of skimmed milk; at dinner a grilled white fish fillet with steamed vegetables, a glass of mint detox water and an apple.
  3. Day 3: for breakfast an orange juice, a toast of wholemeal bread with cottage cheese and a boiled egg; for lunch, roast chicken with celery, carrot and tomato salad, green tea and low-fat yogurt; at snack a detox green smoothie and two wholemeal cookies; at dinner potatoes stuffed with soy meat, a mixed fruit salad and a low-fat yogurt sweetened with honey.
  4. Day 4: for breakfast a grapefruit juice and two toasts of wholemeal bread with honey; for lunch, a grilled white fish fillet with a mixed vegetable salad, a banana with honey and a glass of mint detox water; at snack a glass of skimmed milk, two whole-grain crackers and a piece of low-calorie cheese; At dinner, chard salad with onion, Bolognese noodles with soy meat, an apple and a glass of mint detox water.


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