The pineapple diet is a detox diet that revolves essentially around the figure of this fruit with the aim of developing a plan that achieves, in a specific space of time, define our body with the loss of a few kilos.

Parallel to this effect, this routine is also very beneficial for cleaning all the organs that make up our digestive system of toxins. A priori, it is a suitable product for this task given its high fiber composition and its low calorie content.

How to carry out the pineapple detox diet

  • Although they may hold many promises, care must be taken with detox diets since they are usually highly restrictive and, in some cases, the amount of the main macronutrients ingested is very limited. This circumstance can give rise to the much feared rebound effect, frustrating any attempt to lose weight that we have resorted to through this regimen. Given the case, it may be more appropriate to introduce pineapple as a cleansing food in a balanced eating routine.
  • The detox diet menu would be as follows: for breakfast an infusion of ginger root and a couple of slices of pineapple; in the mid-morning a skimmed yogurt and two slices of pineapple; for lunch, a grilled fish or white meat with two slices of natural pineapple; At snack we repeat the mid-morning guidelines, that is, a skimmed yogurt and two slices of natural pineapple; finally, at dinner, a mixed vegetable salad, a vegetable cream or a grilled chicken breast fillet and two slices of pineapple in a natural way.
  • In case we have any doubts about the suitability of this pineapple detox routine, it is advisable to go to a nutrition professional in order to obtain more appropriate guidelines for our needs. Weight loss, even fast, if it is ineffective by sticking to fluids and muscle mass, will ultimately result in wasted time.


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