No one doubts that eating is one of the greatest pleasures that exists, but sometimes we commit excesses that are not only reflected in weight gain but also in a deterioration in our general state of health.

In this way, many women understand that a way to solve this circumstance is the development of a detox diet that can eliminate all the toxic substances that have progressively accumulated in the different organs that make up the digestive system. In the following lines we reveal some tricks to get started in this type of food planning.

Tips to start a detox diet

  1. Although the extreme popularity that detox diets have achieved has caused their use to be trivialized to the point of considering them normal and current plans, the truth is that if we follow medical advice it is necessary not to present any health problem for it to develop in a healthy way. absolutely normal way.
  2. Cleansing diets are usually hypocaloric and, furthermore, very restrictive in terms of the contribution of macronutrients, since the idea behind them is to get rid of, precisely, everything that can make us gain weight unnecessarily. In this way, it is appropriate not to carry out any type of physical effort since, otherwise, we could feel dizzy as well as weak.
  3. Hot infusions are a great support during the development of detox diets since they help us control hunger in a scenario in which both juices and cleansing shakes are going to be the norm.
  4. We have to stay hydrated throughout the development of the cleansing food routine, so that our body continues to receive liquid despite the considerable reduction in food that we are carrying out.
  5. We have to select the detox diet that best suits both our particular needs and the objectives that we intend to achieve.


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