Restarting at the same time as resting the body through an exhaustive cleaning of toxins accumulated in the body is the main idea behind one of the most widespread nutrition trends in recent times: detox diets.

These cleansing regimes materialize through eating plans that revolve around the massive intake of fruits and vegetables through shakes, juices or smoothies or even intermittent fasting. Practice, as it is obvious to think, that can entail a multitude of risks for the health of the organism.

Know the risks of detox diets

  • It must be taken into account that not all detox diets follow the same pattern; in fact, they can be defined around the distribution of different types of food. However, the most common formulas tend to swap out normal one-day meals for smoothies of both fruits and vegetables for a specific time that can range from two to twenty days. They are eating routines that ensure rapid weight loss but, according to the opinion of many nutrition professionals who are critical of this system, it is fictitious weight loss since these kilos are recovered quickly and, furthermore, with a greater amount of lipids.
  • The radical restriction of a great multitude of foods expressly seeks the rapid and effective elimination of toxins accumulated in the different organs that make up the digestive system. But this has negative consequences for the body since the practically total absence of protein intake during the development of the diet will cause the appearance of symptoms such as nausea, headaches, apathy and tiredness. The underlying reason is that we are not consuming all the calories we need.
  • Therefore, none of the final objectives of this cleansing regimen are met, especially the one that concerns weight loss. The high fruit content causes an increase in the intake of simple sugars that, since they do not have to be digested, absorbed and metabolized by the body, are immediately converted into fat. More if we take into account that the usual practice of sport is not recommended.


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