When we want to achieve brighter, balanced, clean and vital skin, one of the first products that comes to mind is a mask. Thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients with which they are usually characterized, they tend to provide the skin surface with an additional dose of all those ingredients that it needs not only to be repaired but also to keep it healthy. In a scenario in which everything purifying seems to be in fashion, a series of cosmetic products emerge -such as, for example, the masks themselves- that introduce detox terminology when creating brands.

Do detox skin masks work?

  • Detox masks for the skin supposedly have several objectives on this organ, namely: on the one hand, they free the dermis of toxins thanks to a detoxifying action, so that we can actively combat the ability of these substances to darken it, and, on the other hand, On the other hand, they achieve a lightening result on the skin surface thanks to the essential oils that are used as ingredients. Based on these characteristics that are common to the vast majority of these cosmetic products, we can find different options on the market depending on the type of skin we have.
  • It must be taken into account that each type of skin has its own needs, so the type of detox mask and the frequency with which we apply it will be different depending on each woman. What we must be clear about is that its use must be carried out taking into account a series of basic premises, that is, the dermal surface must be absolutely clean and without any type of cream or makeup residue.
  • According to the data collected by dermatologists, the users of these detox masks have not found particularly substantial differences with respect to other traditional masks, so it cannot be said that they provide something revolutionary compared to what already exists. This is not to say that they fail to deliver the effects they promise, but the resulting differential does not seem convincing enough.


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