As we have been told since we were little, whether at school or in our own families, both fruits and vegetables must be one of the essential bases of our diet. In this context, it is not surprising that a trend as fashionable today as detox diets is taking off in the way it is.

In this way, and always through shakes and juices because of their beneficial properties for health, we can carry out cleansing eating routines not only with the intention of losing kilos but also of eliminating toxins accumulated in the digestive system.

Differences between juices and detox smoothies

  • On certain occasions, the nutritional properties of vegetables and fruits are more beneficial when they are prepared in a liquid form -juices- or semi-liquid -shakes-, excepting, as is obvious, the effect of fiber since it is not the same in solid foods than in this type of preparation.
  • The fundamental difference between juices and smoothies lies mainly in their preparation. While the former are made in a blender by simply inserting the fruit, the latter can be prepared using a blender and, in addition to vegetables and fruit, there is the possibility of using other ingredients such as mineral water or milk.
  • When we blend fruits or vegetables, we lose the fiber that composes them, but antioxidant substances are extracted more effectively and the digestive process is improved. With regard to the shakes of this class of food, the consistency is superior, part of their properties are lost when crushed and the dietary fiber is better used. By getting the combination of ingredients right, we can obtain preparations of both types with different flavors as well as properties.
  • In any case, we must be clear that although from a purely nutritional perspective the fact of drinking both a juice and a smoothie is an absolutely healthy option in isolation, basing a food routine exclusively on its consumption can put the health of the body at risk, especially if we extend the experience beyond a period that exceeds two full days.


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