There are many factors that can lead us to a situation such that we need specific treatments to purify our body of toxins and, at the same time, manage to lose a good amount of kilos.

Detox diets, already controversial in themselves given their extreme radicalism in some of their materializations, are unified in some cases with a series of homeopathic products with the supposed objective of enhancing the beneficial effects of such eating routines. In this way, we obtain a more debatable combination, if possible, given the dubious results provided by both formulas.

Homeopathic products applied to detox diets

  • The less radical defenders of homeopathic treatments recognize the non-existence of a simple treatment to treat cases of excess weight, since they presuppose a certain arbitrariness in the response of the women’s organism to these products. In this scenario, there have been circumstances in which certain girls have reacted well to the treatments while others have not noticed any substantial change in their body weight. Therefore, ultimately, they resort to dietary recommendations that are very close to cleansing diets to achieve this goal.
  • Some of the homeopathic remedies used both to lose weight and to purify the different organs that make up the digestive system of toxins are antimonium crudum, anacardium orientale, ignatia amara, nux vomica, calcarea carbonica, lymphomyosot or berberis. Always with such extravagant names, these products promise to solve organic abnormalities such as fluid retention, obesity, cellulite, diarrhea, constipation and heavy digestions.
  • It is recommended to do treatments with homeopathic detox remedies about twice a year, especially after very marked dates on the calendar such as Christmas or the months after summer. However, from here we can only affirm that in a situation in which we want to lose weight and purify our digestive system, we should consult a nutritionist in order to obtain a professional opinion that can objectively cover the achievement of our nutritional purposes.


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