In this article, we are going to discuss how to detox your body. The 3-day detox cleanse is a three-day nutritional approach whose main objective is to lose two or three kilograms in the period covered by the routine.

In reality, how to detox your body can be repeated several times throughout the year.

However, critics intensify this type of therapy since its specific configuration around the massive consumption of both vegetables and fruits which promotes a nutritional imbalance that does not benefit the loss of fat that accumulates over time in the body.

 Detoxing typically involves adhering to a strict diet to flush out toxins from your body. Naturally, your body is organized to eliminate these toxic substances without the use of detox diets or diet meal plans.

Toxins can be known as junk foods, heavy metals, pollutants, and synthetic chemicals, which can negatively affect your health.  

There’s this popular buzzword called a full-body detox. Generally, it means adhering to a certain type of diet or using special supplements that eliminate toxins from your body, hence boosting health and promoting weight loss.

However, the body “cleanses” itself innately and does not need certain expensive diets or supplements to eliminate toxins.

How To Detox Your Body Naturally

#1. Cut down your alcohol intake 

Metabolism of 90% of the alcohol you consume occurs in the liver.

Acetaldehyde is metabolized by liver enzymes from alcohol, which is a known cancer-causing chemical in the body.

3 day detox cleanse

The liver recognizes acetaldehyde as a toxin, hence it converts it to a harmless substance called acetate, which it removes from the body.

Some research studies have proved that low to moderate alcohol consumption has health benefits for the heart, while excessive consumption may lead to many health problems.

Excessive intake of alcohol can severely damage your liver’s ability to function properly by causing inflammation, fat buildup, and scarring.

When this occurs, your liver cannot function properly and carry out its necessary tasks which include filtering waste and other toxic substances from your body.

It is advisable to abstain completely from alcohol to maintain your body’s detoxification system running strong.

#2. Have Enough Sleep

Ensuring to have adequate quality sleep every night is a must to aid your body’s health and natural detoxification process.

Your brain reorganizes and recharges itself when you have enough quality sleep, it also gets rid of toxic waste byproducts that accumulate throughout the day.

how to detox your body naturally

Beta-amyloid is one of these waste products, which is a protein that contributes to the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Depriving your body of sleep makes your body not have enough time to perform its daily functions, so toxins can accumulate and affect several aspects of your health.

Poor sleep hygiene is linked to short- and long-term health consequences, such as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

#3. Drink Plenty Of Water

Apart from quenching your taste, water also does so much more. It maintains your body temperature, lubricates joints, supports digestion and nutrient absorption, and cleanses your body by eliminating waste products.

For optimal body functions your body’s cells continuously fix themselves to regulate optimally and break down nutrients for your body to use as a source of energy.

However, these processes release wastes in the form of urea and carbon dioxide, which can cause harm if they build up in your blood.

#4. Eat Foods Rich In Antioxidant

Consuming antioxidants is another way how to detox your body. It protects your cells against damage caused by molecules called free radicals. Oxidative stress is a condition that results from the excessive production of free radicals.

Your body naturally produces these molecules for cellular processes, such as digestion. However, alcohol, tobacco smoke, a low-nutrient diet, and exposure to pollutants can produce excessive free radicals.

These molecules cause damage to a range of cells. 

How To Carry Out A 3 Day Detox Cleanse

#1. Day 1: For breakfast green tea or red tea with a small spoonful of honey, a fruit salad, and two slices of whole wheat bread toasted with a little oil and grated tomato or a bowl of whole-grain cereals with skimmed milk.

In the middle of the morning a skimmed yogurt or two tangerines and a cup of green tea; for lunch cream of pumpkin and leeks, steamed white fish, and an infusion of horsetail; at snack a bowl with strawberries.

At dinner, mixed salad of vegetables and pomegranate scrambled eggs with asparagus and an infusion of ginger.

#2. Day 2: At breakfast red tea or green tea with a small spoonful of honey, papaya, and two slices of toasted wholemeal bread with a little oil and grated tomato or a bowl of whole meal cereals with skimmed milk.

In the middle of the morning a kiwi or a low-fat yogurt and a green tea; at lunch vegetable soup, a salad with arugula, tomato, and tuna, and an infusion of cardamom.

At snack an orange or soy yogurt; at dinner grilled salmon, steamed vegetables, and an infusion of horsetail.

#3. Day 3: For breakfast a kiwi, a red tea, or a green tea with a small spoonful of honey, two slices of whole wheat toast with tomato and skim cheese spread, or a bowl of whole grains with soy milk.

In the middle of the morning a portion of melon or skimmed yogurt and green tea; for lunch, cream of asparagus, a portion of grilled white fish, and an infusion of ginger.

At snack a grapefruit or soy yogurt; at dinner vegetable soup, mixed vegetable salad with tuna, and an infusion of licorice root.


Before you consider how to detox your body, please talk to your doctor or nutritionist to know if you are fit for the therapy.


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