The macrobiotic detox diet is based on a food routine created in Japan and focused on the consumption of foods such as rice and gomasio, a condiment originating in the eastern country. Its defenders affirm that it is a plan that is capable of detoxifying the organism while harmonizing the entire body. We could introduce this methodology into the dubious list of miraculous diets since it is recommended not only for those women who intend to lose a few kilos but also for others who suffer from a disease or a problem -whether physical or psychological- to solve.

Does the macrobiotic detox diet work?

  • According to the basic parameters established by the macrobiotic cleansing regimen itself, it should not last more than ten days in a row. The essential food around which this food routine will revolve is, as we have said, rice, although it can be replaced by other foods such as oats, whole wheat, millet or buckwheat. For its part, the Japanese spice – gomasio – has to be made at home through the acquisition of natural sesame seeds and coarse salt in specialized stores.
  • As far as drinks are concerned, and in this aspect it is quite different from the traditional configuration of detox diets -based on fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies, as we already know-, it is a fairly restrictive regime since it only allows use of water in case we are thirsty or of certain varieties of tea such as Mu or Bancha. For a good resolution of this planning, we must avoid the consumption of products such as alcohol, white flour, caffeine, refined oils, milk and its derivatives, sweets, artificial sweeteners, fruit juices and, in in general, any food that contains refined sugar.
  • It is, without a doubt, a cleansing food routine with such repetitive planning that it can easily lead us to monotony, one of the worst enemies that a diet that tries to balance our nutrition can have. Given the case, we recommend going to a specialist beforehand who can recommend the most efficient ways to achieve the objectives that we have set for ourselves.


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