Detox diets are those that are usually applied in a short space of time with the aim of releasing toxins from the body, losing weight and gaining energy. They consist, as a general rule -although there are less aggressive variations-, in a massive, and almost exclusive, consumption of fruits and vegetables, increasing the intake of both liquids and water and even alternating with a few days of fasting so that can effectively empty the digestive system. Due to their own intrinsic characteristics, these routines do not usually last more than a week. Despite this, the negative consequences on the body can manifest themselves in a very patent way.

The negative consequences of following a detox diet

  • There are several risks associated with following this type of supposedly detoxifying eating routines. It tends to ensure that with these diets it is possible to lose up to five kilos in a short space of time. However, from the moment we eat again in a more or less organized way, everything that has been lost is quickly recovered. We can conclude, in this sense, that the loss is absolutely fictitious. As if that were not enough, they are regimens that excessively limit the protein intake to the body, which causes a large amount of muscle mass to be lost during treatment.
  • There are doctors who go one step further and appreciate not so much fiction but rather the danger in following a detox diet. They claim that detoxifying for a specific period of time is medically futile since, in the long run, you are not able to achieve your intended goals. In addition, it can create the idea that a person is free to mistreat his liver as much as he wants since, later, there is the possibility of quickly repairing it through a specific eating routine. An issue that can be extremely dangerous to health.
  • It is true that there is an extraordinary contribution of vitamins, but so is the fact that the intake of simple sugars increases massively. These, by not having to be metabolized, digested and absorbed by the body, are immediately transformed into fat. In this way, one of the basic objectives of any self-respecting weight loss diet is perverted.


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