Detoxification of the body through the feet is a technique based on traditional Chinese medicine that is becoming increasingly popular in the West. This is a rather controversial issue since there is no scientific evidence to certify the results of this methodology.

As often happens in this class of supposedly miraculous detox cures, its defenders believe that the foot contains a series of natural energies that are closely linked to the main organs of the body. In this way, it would be possible, through an ionic machine, to cleanse toxins through the lower extremities.

Basic operation of the detox for the feet

  • The ionic detox treatment for the feet affirms that it allows to cure the human organism in a double aspect. On the one hand, by rebalancing the body’s energy systems, which metabolize and distribute this energy throughout the entire body, managing to clean, repair and stimulate all damaged areas.
  • On the other hand, through a resonance effect that would be able to electrically charge all the atoms that make up the physical body. As we can see, these are vague explanations that are not supported by any tangible medical or scientific method and, therefore, have many gaps in terms of their viability.
  • Ionic purification therapy through the feet promotes -supposedly- the movement of ions in the human organism through a kind of electrolytic bath that controls this flow towards the organs that need to eliminate toxins that have accumulated unnecessarily. According to the provisions of this technique, said flow of ions ends up neutralizing the positive charge of the toxins, which is why they are released from the tissues where they were attached and are extracted from the body through a kind of facilitated osmosis and diffusion phenomenon. through the feet.
  • Despite what has been explained, it is pertinent to note that these are only presumptions and, therefore, methods that are not approved or regulated by official health organizations. It could be said that ionic detox techniques for the feet are one of the most tangible proofs of the importance of placebo products in modern societies.


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