The existing methods for a woman to detoxify her body are many and varied, however, diets based on detox juices which replace solid foods with smoothies have become fashionable in recent years, displacing any other attempt to reach the same target audience. In general, these routines have a duration that ranges between one and five days, and their main objective is the cleaning of toxins from the organs that make up the digestive system. Since its emergence, criticism has not stopped falling on this methodology due, above all, to the number of false myths that have been generated about it.

Misconceptions about detox juices

  1. Anyone cannot do a detox diet: The controlled fasting proposed by this type of regime is not a method accessible to anyone who intends to try it, so it is essential to consult a nutrition specialist beforehand. Pregnant women, children and people with kidney problems, depression, anemia, diabetes or eating disorders are not suitable for carrying out a cleansing routine.
  2. They have side effects: During the development of a detox diet, especially those that are more restrictive from a nutritional point of view, it is possible to experience abnormalities such as headaches, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, skin rashes and irritability.
  3. You will not lose weight: By basing its precepts on the massive consumption of fruits and vegetables through juices and smoothies, detox diets will seek weight loss and liquid elimination, however the original weight -the one you have before start any regimen- it will be restored after a few days.
  4. It is harmful to health: According to doctors and nutrition specialists, the body carries out its own detoxification process on its own. By consuming only vegetable and fruit juices and avoiding protein intake, the muscles end up losing mass, which ends up slowing down their own metabolism.
  5. Your body is not free of impurities: A four-day diet based on the intake of detox juices cannot repair a lifestyle full of food excesses. The only way to maintain a healthy body is through good eating practices and regular physical exercise.


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