Although the effectiveness of detox diets is continually in question, the truth is that, as the months go by, they have a more pressing media impact and, therefore, a greater number of women seek to access their supposed benefits.

A certain time, which always tends to coincide with major events, can be very given to eating excesses, a moment that, on the other hand, can be used to resort to one of these regimes with a double objective: lose weight and cleanse the body. of toxins.

Is it possible to cleanse the body with a detox diet?

  • Since, in these cases, it is very difficult to swim against the current and highlight the few benefits that cleansing diets offer, we prefer to minimize the impact that they may have on the body of women. In this way, we recommend that the detox food routine to be carried out have the shortest duration possible, so that the body is not excessively exposed to the absence of some macronutrients, a characteristic that is usually linked, by the way, to most of these eating routines.
  • Following these guidelines, we recommend, in order to cleanse the body, a one-day detox diet with the following configuration: for breakfast a fruit salad with apples, oranges and grapes and an infusion of green tea; in the middle of the morning a juice of tomato, carrot and celery; for lunch, a homemade vegetable broth and a mixed vegetable salad; at snack a grapefruit and an infusion of red tea; at dinner a fruit salad that includes strawberries, pineapple and walnuts accompanied by a vegetable broth.
  • With this one-day detox diet to cleanse the body, we will be able to establish a turning point in our metabolism, especially after a period of overeating, so that it recovers more quickly and effectively. However, we must not forget that, in no case, a diet of this type can solve the problems derived from an unhealthy lifestyle. Health care must be permanent, and whims must be exceptions to the rule.


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