Detox diets claim to be the quintessence of nutrition. However, many studies bring to light numerous data that expose the tremendous nutritional imbalances that are proclaimed, with a certain media and commercial audacity, by the defenders of these cleansing regimes.

Despite this, the tremendous promotion, which numerous celebrities from the world of entertainment show off without any shame, drags thousands of women into the universe of toxin cleansing every month. The information on this, unfortunately, tends to be incomplete since few of these routines announce the right time to stop.

Why end a detox diet? 

  • It is essential when we face food planning as highly restrictive as the detox diet is to know when we have to stop and under what conditions we have to return to a state of normality. Over time, we must learn to separate the wheat from the chaff and, therefore, distrust all those regimes that encourage us to lose many kilos in a few days.
  • This type of nutritional plans, and detox diets are not exactly an exception, they cause a strong rebound effect that not only makes us quickly recover the lost weight but it is also possible that it leaves us with a few extra kilos.
  • Therefore, and given this scenario, there will always be someone brave who, despite the warnings, will decide to carry out a detox diet based on fruit and vegetable juices. In no case, and always in the opinion of nutrition experts, should a routine of this type exceed two days in duration.
  • In case of prolonging the regimen for more days, we run the risk of establishing an imbalance between the muscles and lipids that would make it difficult for us to lose fat once we stop purifying ourselves.
  • As we always recommend from here, a nutritionist -or a family doctor, failing that- is the only qualified professional to establish slimming diets that adapt both to the conditions of our body and to the objectives that we have initially set. The only way to have a defined and healthy body is through the continued maintenance of a balanced diet, combined with moderate and frequent physical exercise.


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