Both losing weight and maintaining it are complex issues that transcend the very fact of eating well and doing sports. In order to lose weight and not recover what was lost, especially in a scenario as stressful as that of modern society, we must make a great effort on a psychological level.

We must bear in mind that, on a daily basis, we are subjected to all kinds of temptations that can undermine all our attempts in this regard. In the case of cleansing eating routines, this effort must obviously be greater since the enormous restrictions to which this type of regimes subject us require more exhaustive concentration.

How to mentalize yourself to carry out a detox diet

  • The best way to face a detox diet is not to postpone it excessively, the sooner we start it, the sooner we can see the results. Therefore, the first step is to decide without taking into account the day of the week in which we find ourselves, since any of them is valid for that purpose.
  • Nor should we be very strict in compliance, seriousness is important when carrying out a cleansing food routine but, from time to time, we can allow ourselves a little whim. This question is fundamental -especially in the long term- since, otherwise, we run the risk of becoming bored and abandoning the diet.
  • It is also very important not to fall prey to frustration. There will be weeks in which the scale will respond positively to us, but it is possible that, in others, we hardly notice differences in weight. It is absolutely normal and is part of the weight loss process as it slows down as time goes by. If, on the contrary, we get stressed because of this circumstance, it is possible that we faint and abort the attempt to stay healthy.
  • Finally, we must seek help from a nutrition professional. Not only will he advise us which way to choose when it comes to achieving our goals, but he will also advise us on how to withstand the psychological pressure of carrying out diets as restrictive as detoxifying ones.


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