Detox diets are aimed at curbing excess food while eliminating toxins that have accumulated unnecessarily in the digestive system, so that it is possible to lose a few kilograms in a short space of time. However, despite their popularity, these cleansing eating routines present numerous nutritional imbalances since the contribution of macronutrients is reduced to the maximum, which has caused criticism from medical and nutritional perspectives to have increased over time. In the following lines we present a detox menu aimed at losing weight.

Follow a detox diet to lose weight

  1. Day 1: at breakfast a cup of skimmed milk with a tablespoon of oat bran and a green apple; at noon two celery sticks and a cup of unsweetened green tea; at lunch a cup of vegetable broth and two slices of pineapple in a natural way; at snack a carrot, celery and parsley juice and a cup of green tea; at dinner a mixed vegetable salad, a grilled egg and a low-calorie jelly.
  2. Day 2: for breakfast a skimmed yoghurt with a tablespoon of oat bran and a banana; in the middle of the morning a carrot and a cup of unsweetened green tea; at lunch two portions of spinach pie and a pear; at snack a grapefruit, strawberry and apple juice and an infusion of horsetail; at dinner a mixed vegetable salad with tuna and a low-calorie gelatin.
  3. Day 3: for breakfast a cup of tea with skimmed milk, two toasts of whole wheat bread with white spreadable skimmed cheese and two tangerines; in the middle of the morning, two asparagus and a cup of green tea; at lunch a grilled chicken breast, steamed vegetables and two slices of watermelon; at snack a glass of grapefruit juice; at dinner a mixed vegetable salad with low-calorie cheese cut into small pieces and a low-calorie gelatin.


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