Detox is in fashion and is applied to numerous fields related to the state of women’s health. Apart from the concern for food itself, it seems that cleansing eating plans can also be used to effectively improve the health of the skin surface. The excessive presence of toxins can directly affect the skin, manifesting dullness and lack of life. Given this scenario, we can use detoxifying diets to restore life to the dermis by stimulating the constant elimination of all substances that collapse the natural state of said organ.

How to properly detoxify the skin

  • By following a series of simple tips for a specific time that ranges between four and seven days, we will achieve tangible results as far as the health of our skin is concerned. Thus, we will have to avoid the consumption of alcohol, fried foods, sweets, fats and whole dairy products, drink a lemon juice and a glass of water on an empty stomach, drink approximately two liters of water throughout the day, increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables during all meals of the day, replace red meat with white fish, eat foods that provide fiber and vegetables with a bitter touch such as endives, artichokes or escarole.
  • Leaving food aside, we must complement this cleansing plan with a series of specific treatments for the skin. We have to carry out a deeper cleaning than usual, by using an exfoliating cream that completely removes dead cells from the skin surface. Subsequently, we have to apply some mask rich in vitamins, fatty acids, minerals and enzymes with the aim of providing firmness and elasticity to the dermis.
  • Finally, we must take care of the hydration of the skin so that this detox plan is absolutely effective. To do this, we can use the cosmetics that we normally use for this purpose. All this cleansing plan can be strengthened through the regular practice of sport, even in a moderate way through exercises of an aerobic nature.


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