The detox diet craze has become enormously popular through the sight of multitudes of celebrities appearing, green smoothie in hand, inside the world’s best-selling pink publications.

The staunch defenders of this nutritional initiative affirm that the intake of this type of fruit and vegetable smoothies helps cleanse the body of toxins, which is why they follow it for days or even weeks with the aim of achieving some of its supposed benefits.: lose weight, rejuvenate, detoxify the body and fill it with antioxidants.

The myths behind detox shakes

  • Although eating a greater amount of vegetables and fruits through shakes is a healthy practice that can help us strengthen the immune system, the configuration of detox diets presents some problems that discourage its prolonged use.
  • Feeding only with these types of liquids throughout the day causes an output of insulin from the pancreas due to the sugars present in this type of food. As the hours go by, our body seeks both fats and proteins to produce energy since it does not have enough glucose provided by the shakes, which results in a patent decrease in muscle mass.
  • In this way, we can conclude that detox shakes do help to lose weight, but it is still a misleading weight loss since the decrease in muscle mass will recover once we return to a more balanced and healthy type of diet. The protein deficit that defines this class of cleansing regimens can be, on the other hand, very harmful, especially if this nutrient has been consumed on a regular basis, since the human organism does not usually correctly assimilate these sudden contrasts.
  • The process of losing weight in a woman can be carried out through less aggressive approaches towards the body. The excessive restrictiveness exposed by the diet based on shakes that detox diets have can be a stumbling block that, in the long term, generates more harm than good. Given this scenario, we recommend, as always, consulting a nutrition specialist to help us achieve our goals in a healthy and balanced way.


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