The sap syrup is a nutritional supplement that is made up of the combination of two types of sap. On the one hand, one of them is extracted from the maple sap itself and contains nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese.

On the other hand, the sap of the tropical palm tree is collected, which stands out, precisely, for its high contributions in both potassium and sodium. One of the best-known cleansing diets of the moment is developed around this product, which supposedly helps the body to regenerate by eliminating toxins that accumulate abnormally.

Ways to apply sap syrup in detox diets

  • The sap syrup detox diet consists of three phases -pre-diet, diet, post-diet- and in all of them we must use a preparation based on this substance. Specifically, we have to mix about 14 tablespoons of the famous syrup, two liters of still mineral water, a small tablespoon of cinnamon, the juice of four lemons and a little cayenne.
  • During the predieta phase, which will cover a total of three days, we will have to ingest one liter of the mixture on the first day, three quarters of a liter on the second day and half a liter on the third day. We will complement the phase with foods such as vegetable broth, brown rice, fruits, vegetables and infusions. In the central phase of the diet, we will have to consume two liters of the sap syrup preparation for four days. It is a fasting stage and, therefore, it can only be supplemented with teas and herbal teas. Finally, the third phase of the diet will last three more days, in which we will follow exactly the same guidelines that we previously carried out with the pre-diet.
  • This is a highly controversial cleansing eating routine since it exposes the body to many consecutive days of fasting, something that can deplete the body’s strength to the point of developing symptoms such as digestive disturbances, headaches, or general weakness. Before jumping into the pool, it is advisable to consult a nutrition professional who can advise us on the convenience of using sap syrup.


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