Certain nutrition experts recommend that, at least once a year, we carry out a cleansing food routine with the aim of effectively cleaning the different organs that make up the digestive system of all those toxins that cannot be released naturally. Although what is recommended, for the sake of a healthy and balanced routine, results in maintaining a constant diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables, there are a series of specific tips if what you want is to detoxify your body.

Strategy to properly purify the digestive system

  • Although there are several detox food strategies that can be carried out to meet the objective of purifying the digestive system, the truth is that basing the diet on the consumption of easy-to-digest foods that do not obstruct the digestive tract will result in efficient positioning. in said scenario. In this way, not only toxins will be eliminated, but also all those fats that remain accumulated, especially in the liver and that prevent it from working properly.
  • The conception of the menu in this diet would be as follows: for breakfast an infusion of cleansing herbs that may include ginger, flax, anise, licorice and/or horsetail and grapefruit or orange juice; in the middle of the morning a fruit salad that satisfies us enough and some dried fruit such as walnuts or almonds; at lunch, vegetables prepared steamed to taste and a fruit salad; At snack we again take various fruits and nuts; at dinner mixed vegetable salad, baked apples or unsweetened fruit compote.
  • It must be taken into account that during the time that we carry out this detox regimen to cleanse the digestive system -it is advisable not to extend it beyond five days- we must avoid foods such as vinegar, salt, legumes, dairy products, cereals, bread, dairy products, alcohol, tobacco, fish, meat, carbonated water-based drinks and eggs. In case of application doubts, we recommend consulting a nutrition professional.


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