Detox diets are not new, they represent a renewal of the typical miracle diets, only this time, they not only promise to make us lose weight quickly and effectively, but also purify the interior of our body. Where experiments such as lemon, maple syrup, artichoke or pineapple used to be, we can now find the famous green smoothies.

They have been made fashionable by numerous celebrities from the world of entertainment who, glass in hand, promote -intentionally or not- these preparations based on vegetables and fruits. However, it seems that, despite this media presence, nutrition experts are positioned against these eating plans.

Facts you didn’t know about detox diets

  • From the scientific community it is affirmed that the only purpose pursued by these detox diets is purely commercial since, when they talk about purification or cleaning of toxins, what they do is launch a media message that is very attractive to a certain type of public but that Actually, it lacks any scientific foundation. They insist on the idea that, despite the use of very well-selected terms such as toxin, natural or cleaning, the reality that all those women who decide to carry out one of these cleansing eating routines come across is that they do not they manage to clean nothing.
  • The body, naturally, already has its own processes to eliminate all those waste substances that have been abnormally lodged in the body. Organs such as the kidneys or the liver are the main purifiers of the body and it is not possible to make them work better by drinking juices or smoothies since no food, based on a purely scientific basis, has purifying properties. It must also be taken into account that the body needs energy to work efficiently, so detox regimens based on semi-fasting do not make any sense.
  • Those women who use detox diets to lose a few kilos may, in the short term, be successful. You lose weight because you hardly eat but, in reality, these are ineffective, unhealthy and excessively aggressive actions since, when you stop doing them, everything lost is quickly recovered, also leaving a deep imbalance between accumulated fat and body fat. muscle mass


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