Spring is one of the most propitious seasons when it comes to developing a detox diet, once we leave behind the excesses of food and the whims that we usually give ourselves in winter more than at other times. And it is that during these months we began to think about the bikini operation and, therefore, we want to lose the extra kilos while we cleanse the body of accumulated toxins. Although there are a multitude of purifying options with which to carry out this process, in the following we are going to give some guidelines to make optimal use of seasonal products.

Tips for doing a detox diet in spring

  1. Increase the use of aromatic herbs such as rosemary, fennel or basil as well as green leafy vegetables such as watercress, arugula and lettuce, as well as dandelion whose root can be used in the preparation of infusions with laxative properties, purifying and diuretic.
  2. Consume seasonal fruits and vegetables such as escarole, carrots, tomatoes, cauliflower, onion, plums, pears, watermelon, banana, melon, cherries, avocado, strawberries, pineapple and peach.
  3. Acquire a traditional food in Chinese culture such as Goji berries, composed of substances such as glycolipids or cerobrosides, which have an excellent ability to protect liver cells.
  4. Spring is also a favorable time to try using herbs such as ginseng or green tea, highly purifying and with a great capacity to help organs such as the liver or kidneys to perform their functions as a complement to detoxifying diets.
  5. Vegetables that are not very common in the food markets in other seasons, such as kale or kale, are usually the spring protagonists of some of the green detox smoothies with which we see celebrities from the world of cinema or fashion walk.


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