The so-called detox or detoxification diets are in fashion and now that summer is approaching they are taking on a greater role. The danger of this type of diet proposes to be between a week and a month based on juices and shakes. Most nutritionists agree that the detox diet has its risks and can cause serious health problems. The most advisable thing when it comes to losing kilos is to carry out a healthy diet combined with a little physical exercise.

The risks of the detox diet for the body

  • As the experts point out, a diet that is based on the intake of juices and smoothies of all kinds cannot be healthy for the body at all. The patterns of a healthy and balanced diet are based on a number of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that the body needs to function properly. A fruit or vegetable juice cannot replace any of the 5 mandatory meals that the body needs.
  • The consumption of fruits and vegetables is really good for health, but the problem is that the body needs other types of food that provide other kinds of nutrients than those provided by fruits and vegetables. In addition to this, nutritionists point out that fasting based on these juices and shakes do not have any kind of purifying effect on the body. The body has its own mechanism to eliminate toxins and toxic substances, the kidneys and the liver are in charge of purifying the body from time to time.
  • The most recommended thing to keep the body in perfect condition and without extra kilos is to follow a varied, balanced and healthy diet and do a little physical exercise. In this way it will not be necessary to go to miracle diets that in the long term can physically harm the body.


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