The kidneys play a fundamental role in our body, so it depends on their correct cleaning that both waste substances and toxins can be efficiently filtered. Leading a sedentary life or a poor diet are factors that can define the health of these organs, hindering, by extension, their proper functioning. To repair these possible deficiencies, some nutrition experts propose a series of cleansing eating routines that will cleanse the kidneys naturally.

Properly cleanse the kidneys

  • Although it is true that detox diets are gaining many followers in recent times due to their supposed usefulness in eliminating toxins from the body, it must be said that, in the case at hand, the most important step to detoxify the kidneys is to have a high consumption of natural water. Despite everything that can be read both in print and on the internet, scientifically it has been shown that the only substance that can be considered completely healthy for the kidneys is precisely water. It is a liquid that will actively help the body to filter all the toxins that have accumulated in said organs.
  • In a second stage, now more specific for the configuration of a detox diet as such, we find fruits and vegetables, very important to preserve the levels of both potassium in the body and electrolytes in the blood, which, in turn, helps us keep the kidneys working properly. This is the case for products such as berries, blueberries, kiwis, bananas, melons, limes, oranges, pineapples, apricots, beets, grapes and plums.
  • Finally, the incorporation of foods such as barley -excellent for preventing kidney damage that uncontrolled diabetes can cause- or infusions such as horsetail or parsley will round off a detox food routine. Oriented to the care and effective cleaning of vital organs in the functioning of our body such as the kidneys.


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