A detox diet is a diet that is the absence of unhealthy diets such as processed meals, junk foods, and alcohol.

Anyone who aspires to have a healthy body as well as a slim and slim figure knows that the only way to achieve these goals is to eat an adequate diet throughout the year.

After the holidays, it’s usual to have constipation and discomfort in your lower abdomen so starting a detox diet in a healthy approach can help you get a quick start on a new exercise routine or improve your commitment to consuming more veggies and fruits.

While contemplating on starting a detox diet ensure to be ready and understand what you’re committing yourself to because detox diets are not easy.

And avoid anything that miraculously claims to detox your system quickly.

Tips To Start A Detox Diet

#1. Start your day with warm lemon water

Starting your day by drinking a glass of warm lemon water can improve your digestion rate and soften your bowel movement.

Pectin is found in lemons, it is a type of soluble fiber, which makes it a MUST detoxifying additive to any drink or meal. Using warm water rather than cold water may also make you feel more full.

#2. A healthy breakfast 

After your warm lemon water start your day with a healthy breakfast loaded with cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, lean chicken, olive oil, and lettuce.

Eating a breakfast filled with fruits and veggies will support your body’s metabolism after a night of sleep.

Plus consuming more raw than cooked meals is a great way to detox your body intentionally and consistently. The natural way to detox yourself is to get ready and be willing to eat healthy which is a way to take care of yourself.

  A healthy breakfast keeps your body healthy and smart for the entire day.

#3. Exercise Your Body

When your heart rate is increased it increases your blood flow circulation in your body. This in turn will support your body to eliminate toxins all on its own.

You can hit a gym or start long walks to get your sweat sesh in here are some cardio workouts you can do just about anywhere.

In summary, aerobic respiration is triggered by exercise which revives up your heart rate, sweats out, and gets in a better mindset to start up the day.

#4. Drink A Cup Of Green Tea

Drinking a cup of green tea with your afternoon snack is a good way to detox your body. Trust me this combination is healthy.

Green tea can support digestion improvement and drinking enough water is linked to everything from healthy digestion to increasing energy levels and glowing your skin.

If green tea isn’t your thing, try dandelion root tea for an antioxidant and metabolic boost.

Detox food routines, like any other supposedly miraculous regimen, sell important results in a short space of time, a basis that, in itself, questions any reliability that they may have but, in addition, can pose a huge health risk.

Detox Diet And The Right Time 

#1. Detox diets are intended to assume a double objective. On the one hand, it makes us lose several kilos in a very short space of time and it cleanses the toxins that have accumulated in different organs that make up the digestive system.

In this way, the times given to leisure and the abuse of both food and toxic substances (whether alcohol, caffeine, or tobacco) are the most propitious to start this kind of food planning.

Potential users need some quick resources to recover from binge eating.

#2. In a scenario like the one described times like Christmas and the summer holidays, celebrations, and in general inappropriate lifestyles can lead to situations in which many people resort to a detox diet in search of a supposed purification.

#3. Even so, the regimen itself does not establish as a requirement to start on a certain date, but rather it is recommended to start at any time in which we need to detoxify the body.

#4. The changes of seasons can also be suitable stages to start any type of diet including detoxifying ones since we can take advantage of all fresh products, especially seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Food, the latter, is very important when preparing any self-respecting detox menu.


Before starting a detox diet it is important to consume certain fruits and veggies that detoxes processed, high-fat, and sugary foods. The foods you should consume should contain high-quality protein, fats, and non-starchy vegetables.


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