Detox plans are commonly short-term dietary limitations aimed at getting rid of toxic substances from your body.

There is a strong controversy about what should be the duration of a detox plan.

In this regard, we should know that many of the diets most popularized by celebrities are so extremely radical that, over time, they have negative repercussions on the body.

This fact even calls into question the viability of this type of cleansing eating routine.

A detox diet plan helps boost your digestive metabolism, improve cognitive function, promote weight loss, and improve your skin tone and your hair growth and shine. 

An ideal detox plan involves a period of fasting, accompanied by a strict diet of fruits, fruit juice, vegetables, and drinking plenty of water. Mostly a detox also includes herbal teas, supplements, and colon cleanses or the use of enemas.

Benefits Of The Detox Plan 

#1. Rest Your Organs By Fasting:

During intermittent fasting, your digestive organs, liver, and kidneys are at rest which enables them to function well when you break your fast.

Detox Plan, How Long Should It Last

#2. Stimulate Your Liver To Get Rid Of Toxins

Your liver is the primary organ in your body responsible for metabolism and elimination of toxins from your body. So during detox, your liver excretes toxins from your body system.

#3. Promote Toxin Elimination Through Feces, Urine, And Sweat.

During detoxing, toxins are removed from your body via urine, feces, and even sweat when you exercise Daily.

#4. Improve Circulation

There’s an increase in blood, oxygen, and nutrient circulation in your body during detoxing.

#5. Provide Your Body With Healthy Nutrients.

Detox Smoothie and detox diets are packed with healthy nutrients that boost your energy level and increase your immunity health.

How Long To Detox?

Before starting a detox therapy you must know the duration of your diet program to avoid deficiency in any essential nutrients. There are a lot of ways to do a detox diet ranging from total starvation fasts to simpler food modifications and portion control.

#1. Fasting for 1–3 days.

The 3-day and 7-day detox diet plans work greatly for every individual. It also helps you lose weight, glow your skin, and increase your hair by reducing free radicals and inflammation.

You can consider starting a detox diet every 2 months since the toxic substances from trans fats are packed in foods and unhealthy eating habits which leads to chronic low-grade inflammation.

This can cause weight gain. However, the accumulated toxins may cause hair loss, acne breakouts, flatulence, and bloating. Detox diets prevent various health problems.

Detox Plan, How Long Should It Last

Thus, some nutritionists recommend short-term detox diets and more aggressive ones- while other specialists opt for long-term planning.

The Ideal Duration Of A Detox Plan

#1. On the one hand, we find nutrition experts who do not recommend carrying out short and intense detoxifications since they can be dangerous.

Facing a detox diet in this way can make us feel bad for a couple of days and return to the old habits while recovering, incidentally, there’s fast weight loss once the cleansing eating routine has ended.

Detox Plan, How Long Should It Last

However, these detox plans continue to improve the act of giving important organs such as the kidneys or liver a rest as appropriate as possible.

#2. On the other hand, we can also find nutritionists who believe that a detox plan does not have to last weeks to be effective.

In fact, in most cases, they limit the planning to one or two days. In this sense, we can only conceive of a regimen of these characteristics that can only be useful after certain periods in which we have continuously abused both food and other substances that may be toxic to the body (mainly tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine).

#3. In any case, before making any decision regarding the duration of the detox regimen that we have decided to undertake, we recommend consulting with a nutrition specialist to define the temporary parameters of the diet most objectively.

Our metabolism and the objectives that we set ourselves will also be essential figures when determining a detox plan.


Detox diets are a short-term approach to a diet designed to eliminate toxic substances from your body.

Depending on your health status, you can detox for 1-7 days, 1-14 days, or 1-30 days. Consult your doctor and nutritionist before starting a detox plan.


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