Detox diets are based on the premise that they are capable of cleansing the body when we encounter problems such as a clear loss of energy, some stomach-related anomalies or a lack of luminosity on the skin surface. Although, as we can see, the direct objective of this type of eating routine is not to lose weight, it is possible to lose some weight during the temporary period that we carry it out. It is especially positive because at this stage you are going to avoid foods that have a lot of calories -white bread, chocolate or industrial pastries-, replacing them with others such as fruits, vegetables, infusions, lean meats, water or whole grains.

Prepare a typical menu of the detox diet

  • Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, so the nutritional load is going to be really important. We will have several options to choose from. On the one hand, there is the possibility of having a varied natural fruit juice together with a piece of toasted wholemeal bread seasoned with a few drops of olive oil. On the other hand, we can choose to eat a low-fat yogurt with whole grains and a piece of fresh fruit. For mid-morning, due to its concept of transition food, we are going to reduce caloric intake with options such as one or two pieces of fruit, two carrots or a low-fat yogurt with a handful of red fruits along with green tea or an infusion of fennel.
  • The main food in a moderate type of detox diet will avoid massive intakes of fat through fried foods or industrially processed products. For this reason, the proposal goes through a fresh vegetable salad as a starter, and a fish or white meat fillet -turkey, chicken or rabbit- as a main course. If you haven’t done it by mid-morning, you can have a low-fat yogurt for dessert, otherwise you can prepare a detox infusion that can also help you improve the digestive process.
  • Mid -afternoon has a very similar structure to mid-morning, being able to choose between a green tea or a detox infusion along with a skimmed yogurt or a piece of fruit. Dinner must be made light and at least two hours before proceeding to bed. Take a mixed salad -or steamed vegetables if they are more to your liking- along with a can of natural tuna, a French omelette or grilled fish. For dessert, a detox infusion or a low-fat yogurt, as long as you haven’t had it during the rest of the day.


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