Detox diets are quite severe regimes as well as restrictive since their fundamental bases go through an almost complete absence of some essential nutrients for the human organism such as, for example, animal proteins or carbohydrates. This nutritional parsimony accompanied by the concept of semi-fasting -since cleansing regimes focus on the massive consumption of fruits and vegetables through preparations such as shakes, smoothies or juices- requires, as is obvious, prior preparation at a psychological level if We intend to achieve the objectives that we have initially set ourselves.

Psychological preparation for detox diets

  • If we intend to purify our body and lose weight by using a detox diet, we must take into account one very important thing: it does not have to represent torture -although it requires great sacrifices-, but it will not be a walk if we are not sufficiently prepared on a mental level when facing the planning. It is possible that difficulties arise given the lifestyle we lead, however, far from avoiding temptations, we must try to accept them as they are.
  • Now, accepting temptations as a kind of rest does not mean that we can succumb to them whenever we want. For a detox diet to work, we have to be serious and respect its parameters as much as possible. We must also take into account that, like any other eating routine that seeks to lose weight, it is a long road that will be full of both satisfaction and less pleasant moments.
  • Once we have accepted that we are human and that we cannot abide by the same routines all the time, we will be able to start preparing the first steps that will lead us towards carrying out a detox diet. In this way, we will be able to plan the food to be carried out, the rest spaces, the practice of sports and, even, the free moments in which we will enjoy with our relatives a well-deserved recreation after our efforts.


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