The lifestyle of each one of us can directly influence the way of approaching a diet that seeks both to lose a few kilos and to cleanse the toxins that have accumulated in the body.

Women who have unhealthy habits, related to a poor diet or the intake of toxic substances such as caffeine, alcohol or tobacco will generate a scenario in which it will be complex to solve these problems with the mere use of a diet. However, women with a healthy and balanced lifestyle will find it easier to develop all kinds of eating routines, purifying or not.

Types of detox diets according to lifestyle

  • Detox diets can be approached, broadly speaking, from two totally different perspectives. On the one hand, we have an option recommended by doctors and specialists, in which emphasis is placed on balancing the intake of the main macronutrients, without having to rule out any of them. On the other hand, we have the traditional approach of purifying diets, that is, limiting the consumption of fats and proteins to the point that food is reduced, for a specific period of time, to the minimum expression provided by fruits. and the vegetables.
  • Women with an adequate, balanced and healthy lifestyle will be inclined mainly towards the first option, since they know the procedures that concern nutrition, they will not try to force the organism to achieve in a few days what should be done throughout the year. In this way, the most balanced detox diets are the closest alternatives to a constructive conception of food.
  • However, those people who choose to choose a more relaxed and less worried lifestyle will surely feel the need to solve their weight problems as quickly as possible. In these cases, they will choose detoxifying food routines that base their precepts on more extreme conceptions of nutrition and, therefore, more likely to generate health risks.


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