If we are undergoing a detox diet, whether it is based on intermittent fasting or massive intake of juices and smoothies of both fruits and vegetables, it is common to feel lighter after a few days of activism.

However, if some time after having finished said eating routine, we resume unhealthy eating habits, it is likely that all the energy dedicated to the purification process ends up being useless. Therefore, we can follow some simple guidelines to maintain the effects of this regimen over time.

Balanced diet after a detox diet

  1. Reduce the consumption of alcohol as well as other potentially harmful substances such as caffeine or tobacco.
  2. Balance the intake of protein rich foods such as fish, meat, eggs and legumes with fruits and vegetables.
  3. Drinking a green detox smoothie occasionally -not daily- can be a great habit to add to our eating routines.
  4. Alkaline diets are usually highly recommended by advocates of cleansing regimens at the end of the latter. We must include, for this purpose, foods such as melon, asparagus -fruit and vegetables in general- peas, broad beans, lentils, herbs, nuts, seeds, spices and natural seasonings.
  5. Add to our diet natural supplements such as chia seeds, flax or linseed oil, hemp seeds, raw cocoa powder, green microalgae such as spirulina, coconut and, in general, foods rich in vitamin C since it is an essential antioxidant in any self-respecting detox process.
  6. Carry out a healthy lifestyle in which the practice of sports and physical activities become a regular routine.
  7. Drink fruit juices at breakfast and add skimmed dairy both in the mid-morning and at snack time.
  8. Eat plenty of vegetables from the cruciferous family such as cabbage, collards, cauliflower, broccoli, and kale.


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