Carrying out detoxifying food routines is a current trend. More and more women feel the need to spend time eliminating all those toxins that have gradually accumulated in our body.

With this objective, there are currently a large number of specific programs specifically oriented towards meeting these premises, either in the form of regimens or purely depurative treatments. However, many of these formulas are so radical that it is advisable to follow a series of guidelines prior and preparatory.

Tips to follow to start a detox diet

  • The defenders of this type of detoxifying regimes recommend following a series of nutritional guidelines to prepare the body with the aim of minimizing the negative effects that a diet of this type can have on the body. For this reason, we must avoid products such as coffee, drinks made from carbonated water, sugar, refined salt, alcoholic beverages, red meat, dairy products and, be careful, microwaves. The reason they give for avoiding this last utensil is that the heat waves it generates supposedly destroy the nutrients in the food.
  • In a more constructive way, we must bet on other types of planning that result in a greater predisposition of the organism to eliminate accumulated toxins. In this way, we have to consume water, fruit and vegetable juices, almond milk, seaweed, whole grains, rice syrup, rice milk and bet on traditional cooking. It must be said that these are general advice since, depending on the objectives we intend to achieve, nutritionists may vary some of these guidelines.
  • In addition to these nutritional tips to prepare the body to carry out a detox diet, we can follow another series of guidelines of a different nature. First of all, it is very useful to quit smoking -or, at least, considerably reduce its consumption- since it is an addiction that introduces a large number of toxins into our body. Secondly, practicing sports can also help us to secrete endorphins and carry this stage with a better mood.


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