Detox diets are one of the most current trends in terms of nutrition techniques. They are eating routines that base their objectives especially weight loss and cleaning toxins accumulated in the body on a considerable restriction of the nutrients to be ingested. In fact, it is quite normal, in the most extreme and well-known detox options, to replace normal meals with smoothies or juices made from fruits and vegetables. Given this exceptional nature, it is not uncommon to understand that these cleansing regimens have a long list of foods to avoid during their follow-up.

List of foods prohibited in detox diets

  • Facing a list like this is very complicated since there are numerous varieties of the detox diet, many of them with a food configuration that may seem contradictory. Yes, we can find certain basic precepts that are common to all eating routines of this type, such as avoiding the consumption of products that can introduce toxins into our body -tobacco, alcohol or caffeine- or eliminating bad habits as a result of an inappropriate lifestyle., that is, eating sweets, processed foods, industrial pastries or drinking sugary soft drinks made from carbonated water, especially between meals.
  • Saturated fats such as cheeses, pâtés, butters and sweet creams, sausages, dairy products derived from cows, canned products, sweetened juices, pre-cooked or frozen meals, pastries, ice creams and artificial seasonings such as seasonings or sauces do not fall within a list of recommendations when developing detox diets. Another important group of foods eliminated from this class of regimes are those made from refined flour such as wheat tortillas, pasta, rice, white bread or cookies.
  • In any case, and to clear up doubts, we recommend that before starting any nutritional journey related to cleansing diets, we consult a professional in this sector. The nutritionist will be able to help us choose the most appropriate foods to achieve all those objectives that we have proposed.


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