Detox diets are nutritional plans that supposedly help us lose both weight and volume, eliminate excess accumulated fluids and, consequently, toxins that have been deposited in the organs that make up the digestive system. Other functions consist of balancing cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood after a period of excess food, as well as decongesting the liver and effectively improving digestive processes. All this is carried out by restricting numerous nutrients, basing the diet solely on the intake of vegetables and fruits.

Vitamin contribution of detox diets

  • The reality is that, although the defenders of detox diets affirm that the vitamin contribution provided by the massive consumption of fruits and vegetables serves to compensate, the strictest cleansing regimes do not comply with the basic premises that characterize any healthy diet. In this way, and always following the advice of nutrition professionals, such highly unbalanced plans should not last more than two days, no matter how many vitamins juices or detox shakes provide.
  • The contribution of vitamins will always depend on the type of fruits and vegetables that are included in the specific detox diet that we carry out. In general, we can say that in fruits the content of vitamin C stands out -especially in citrus fruits, melon, strawberries, tropical fruits and black currants, in vitamin A peach, melon, apricots and cherries- and others of group B figs., grapefruits, oranges and apricots-.
  • For their part, vegetables are the main source of vitamins A red and yellow and vitamin C green. In this way, the vegetables with a high component of vitamin A are carrots, tomatoes, spinach, red peppers, chard and lettuce. Vegetables with a great contribution in vitamin C are green peppers, spinach, parsley, cauliflower, cabbage and zucchini. Likewise, to clear up doubts, before starting any food routine of this type, it is pertinent to consult these issues with a nutrition professional.


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