The detox diet is one of the latest trends in terms of eating routines. Taking advantage of a certain naïve aftertaste that usually accompanies all those women who believe in any quick and simple solution to their weight problems, these types of regimens offer an easy way out of the expulsion of substances and toxins that accumulate in our body and which, in the long run, are capable of generating problems both aesthetically and digestively.

Within this situation, we find soups as some of the main pillars around which this proposal is based. Let’s look at some representative examples.

Soups with purifying functions

  1. Cold beetroot cream

This vegetable is a very effective food against digestive abnormalities such as constipation. In order to prepare this dish, we need to stock up on a clove of garlic, a bunch of beets, a leek, an onion, a bay leaf, a small potato, salt, pepper, olive oil and 750 ml of water or broth. Made of veggies. We have to boil all the ingredients -once cut into pieces and peeled- with the water or with the vegetable broth until they are tender, season them with salt and pepper to taste and pass them through the blender to achieve the classic texture of the creams.

  1. Onion and celery soup

For its preparation we only need to have both ingredients, boil them in a container full of water for about fifteen minutes, add a little salt and serve the resulting liquid directly in a bowl or plate.

  1. Green vegetable cream

Both spinach and broccoli are two types of vegetables with a high fiber content and, therefore, a great purifying capacity. To prepare this dish, we have to cook in a pot 3 cups of spinach stemless and washed-, half a leek, a chopped celery sticks and two branches of broccoli. Once this step is finished, we have to pass the resulting combination through the blender and add a small spoonful of oil.

  1. Gazpacho

It is one of the quintessential summer dishes and, given its important cleansing benefits, it cannot be missing from any self-respecting detox diet. We will need ingredients such as cucumber, green pepper, onion, tomato, garlic and virgin olive oil.

  1. Carrot cream

Simple recipe for which we only need carrots, onion, oat flakes, fennel and olive oil. As in the previous dish, we boil all the ingredients together and, later, we pass them through the blender.


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