Slimming detox smoothies have become very fashionable in recent years because they are quite effective when it comes to cleansing the body and eliminating those extra kilos that bother you so much.

If you want to have a truly spectacular figure again, don’t miss out on the best detox shakes that you can make easily and simply.

Drinking a slimming detox Smoothie is the same as drinking a liquid vitamin!

The varieties of fruits in this particular smoothie are selectively chosen to enrich your body with the necessary essential nutrients, without the use of any specialty drinks or expensive supplements.

Rather, all you need is just some fruits and vegetables that you might have already in your fridge.

Fruits To Make Rich And Slimming Detox Smoothies

#1. Pineapple: This fruit has antioxidant properties which help in fighting free radicals from the body. Pineapple fruit also contains bromelaine, a digesting protein enzyme.

It supports the breakdown of protein into amino acids, which leads to boosting the digestion mechanism. This digestive enzyme improves immunity and alleviates inflammation in the body.

How To Make Rich And Slimming Detox Smoothies

#2. Banana: If you are a hypertensive patient it is advisable to increase your banana intake. Bananas are rich in potassium, and potassium-dense diets support lowering blood pressure and preventing the risk of heart disease.

According to research, a 13-year study proved that women who consume more bananas 2 to 3 times weekly may have a 33% lower risk of developing kidney disorder.

#3. Ginger: Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory effects on the body and it supports normalizing fasting blood sugar levels. 

It has also been proven to catalyze the digestion process, eliminating foods and toxins from the stomach.

#4. Spinach: This leafy green is one of the bases used in preparing smoothies because of the energy it provides the body as a result of the iron in it.

It increases blood levels when you add it to a smoothie, and a study has proved that it prevents oxidative damage in the body.

Spinach also constitutes healthy plant compounds and antioxidants, like lutein and kaempferol, that are thought to improve eye health and decrease the risk of cancer.

#5. Lime: Limes are packed with antioxidants and are a huge source of vitamin C, which may help to boost your immune system!

Vitamin C has been proven to promote the production of white blood cells in test tube studies, which may support protection against infections and disease.How To Make Rich And Slimming Detox Smoothies

Types Of Detox Smoothies To Lose Weight

#1. Detox water

With this water, you can cleanse your entire body of the numerous toxins that accumulate after each meal. You will need 1 liter of water, 1 cucumber, 1 lemon, and 15 mint leaves.

First, cut the cucumber and lemon into slices. Immediately afterward, add them to a container together with the mint leaves and the liter of water.

Let it rest for a day in the fridge, strain the water, and this wonderful detox water is ready.

#2. Detox juice

How To Make Rich And Slimming Detox Smoothies

To make this wonderful and delicious detox juice you will need the following ingredients: 2 red apples, half a pineapple, 2 lemons, and 90 grams of spinach.

First, chop the fruits and add the spinach. Beat well and strain the smoothie. With this detox juice, you can cleanse the body and lose weight.

#3. Detox smoothie

If you want to make a detox shake with which to lose a few kilos, you just have to take note of the following ingredients: 375 ml of water, 250 grams of pineapple, a cucumber, a lemon, and four dates.

It’s as easy as putting all the ingredients in the blender and blending well until you get the detox smoothie. A delicious natural drink that will help you eliminate a few extra kilos from your body.


When you are considering making a rich and slimming detox smoothie, you must include the above-listed ingredients.

This smoothie’s ingredients are packed with fiber that will help keep you feeling full, energized, and satisfied, without a lethargic or sluggish feeling that can come from eating less nutritious fruits.

I found out that when I start my day with a smoothie as my breakfast, I tend to eat better for the rest of the day which is our goal.

For slimming down you can try out the types of detox smoothies for losing weight such as detox water, detox juice, and detox smoothies for breakfast.


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