The winter season is not usually very prone to the initiation of any type of diet. We tend to think that the bikini operation begins in the spring, which is why, at the last minute, we are in a hurry and in the end we do not achieve the proposed objectives. Any woman even minimally interested in eating a healthy and balanced diet knows that food must be taken care of throughout the year. In recent months, with detox diets marking the eating trends of many people, some nutritionists have jumped on the bandwagon and have designed specific regimens for the months in which low temperatures prevail.

Prepare a detox menu for the winter season

  • The specific detox eating plans for winter have the advantage of playing with seasonal fruits and vegetables, ignoring all those foods that have spent a long time in cold rooms. In this way, the purification process and, therefore, the elimination of all those toxins that have accumulated in the different organs that make up the digestive system will be much more effective. Although in what follows, we will present a typical menu for this type of regimen, we always recommend prior consultation with a nutrition professional who objectively specifies the most advisable foods for our metabolism.
  • In the detox diets for the winter season, the distribution of food throughout the day would be as follows: for breakfast a skimmed yogurt or a piece of fresh cheese, two toasts of whole meal bread with light jam and a citrus juice; in the middle of the morning, two tangerines, a skimmed yogurt and an infusion of horsetail; at lunch a vegetable stew and a grilled chicken breast fillet it is also possible to introduce turkey or white fish-; at snack a grapefruit and a skimmed yoghurt; For dinner, carrot and zucchini cream -or asparagus, artichokes, etc. with a low-fat yogurt or a piece of natural pineapple.
  • This type of winter detox diet should not have a duration that goes beyond fifteen days. It is very important that when we return to our usual routine, the regimen adopted is as healthy and balanced as possible, in addition to combining it with the usual practice of sports, so that we avoid the appearance of the dreaded rebound effect.


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