Avocado is a fruit that has a very particular flavor and also has various properties for both health and beauty.

However, avocado on a detox diet is one of the most pressing demands regarding a detox diet as its central point is its function as a slimming element since it can be introduced as the core of a detox diet.

Avocados are embedded with a lot of nutrients. Some of the health benefits of eating avocado may include lowering the risk of depression, preventing bone loss, and improving digestion.

Avocados are known to provide a reasonable amount of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and are rich in many vitamins and minerals. Adding them to a varied, healthy diet can provide several health benefits.

Healthy fat is important for every single cell in your body.

Incorporating healthy fats in your daily salads or meals enhances your skin health, supports the absorption of fat-soluble minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients, and even boosts your immune system.

Why Eat Avocado On A Detox Diet

#1. Improves Heart Health 

Every 100 g of avocado contains 76 milligrams(mg) of a natural plant constituent of sterol known as beta-sitosterol. The intake of beta-sitosterol and other plant sterols regularly may enhance the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels, which are crucial for heart health.

#2. Improves vision

Lutein and zeaxanthin are one of the natural constituents in Avocados. These two phytochemicals are present in eye tissue.

Antioxidant protection is being provided by these phytochemicals to support minimizing damage, which includes UV light.

Why Eat Avocado On A Detox Diet

There are monounsaturated fatty acids in avocados that facilitate the absorption of other beneficial fat-soluble antioxidants known as beta-carotene.

Notwithstanding, incorporating avocados into your diet may support reducing the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration.

#3. May help prevent osteoporosis

There is approximately 18% of the daily value consumption of vitamin K in a half avocado.

This nutrient is often underrated but it is important for bone health. Consumption of enough vitamin K can aid bone health by increasing the absorption of calcium and decreasing the urinary excretion of calcium.

#4. Natural detoxification

Avocados contain an adequate amount of fiber which promotes digestive health.  These healthy fibers are important for the elimination of toxins through the bile and stool.

Studies have proved that dietary fiber also stimulates good gut health and microbial diversity. This enables your body to maintain a healthy bacterial balance.

This can decrease inflammation and aggravation of the digestive tract.

#4. Protection from chronic disease

The monounsaturated fatty acids in avocados are supportive in preventing chronic illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease.

However, according to research that proves that an average intake of fiber can decrease the risk of diabetes, hypertension, gastrointestinal disease, obesity, and stroke, avocados are rich in fiber.

The optimal fiber intake can also reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, boost insulin sensitivity, and improve weight loss for people with obesity.

Why Eat Avocado On A Detox Diet

Despite the recognized beneficial properties of the avocado for the body system, it is usually a fruit underestimated since it generates many doubts, especially about its high fat composition.

How To Introduce Avocado In A Detox Diet

#1. Avocado is indeed a product rich in fat – about 15.2% of its total composition, providing some 161 calories per 100 grams.

But these are monounsaturated, that is, those that are normally considered healthy and essential.

Also, what is interesting about this type of nutrient is that it has been shown that it can reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

#2. In this way, although avocado is not an ideal product on which to pivot a cleansing food routine, we can introduce it in some dishes like salad especially.

#3. We can prepare a detox diet type menu with an important role of avocado as follows: For breakfast a whole wheat bread sandwich with some slices of cold turkey, tomato, lettuce a small avocado, and a slice of melon.

In the middle of the morning a cup of low-calorie soy milk; for lunch, a salad with avocado, kale, carrots, spinach sprouts, a handful of walnuts, and a hard-boiled egg.

At snack a cup of rice milk; at dinner, we repeat the salad made for lunch.

As is obvious, it is a highly restrictive food plan, so it is possible that extending it too much in time will weaken us excessively.

To avoid these circumstances, we recommend consulting a nutrition specialist who can recommend a more optimal approach to a cleansing diet starring food like avocado.


It is important to incorporate avocados during a detox diet because it is packed with a lot of health benefits to your body. Soft avocados, for example, make delicious guacamole, while firmer avocados are great for slicing and adding to a salad or sandwich.


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