Detox diets are not without controversy. For obvious reasons, given the excessively restrictive configuration of some of its best-known manifestations, different prominent elements of the medical and scientific communities have raised the alert about this nutritional challenge.

Detox diets are often emphasized as a rapidly path to weight loss; an “overnight” goal to achieve.

It makes sense though, when you consume very small, gulp a lot of water, and take supplements and detox drinks that will soften your bowels and serve as laxative which will make you go to the toilet, you will end up losing a few pounds.

Nevertheless, this weight loss is often short-lived because as soon as you start consuming junk and processed foods again, you’ll discover that you regain the weight  you originally lost. 

You need to let go of the myth that detox diets jump-start weight loss. You may feel happy when you loose a few pounds after days of drinking just liquids, but you only loss water weight and not fat loss.

The minute you initiate eating food again, the lost water weight will return back. Naturally our bodies store some grams of water with every gram of carbohydrates we consume. Everything we eat contains carbohydrates as they are our main energy source.

Lies about detox diets

#1.  Your body isn’t capable of detoxing on its own

Your body  already has a natural built-in detoxification organ which is your liver. 

The body do not need a detox diet regimen, because it is inherently a mechanism from the liver. The endotoxins are already eliminated by the natural mechanism of action of the liver. 

The toxins we consume daily and the exotoxins, or toxins from the environment are taken out from our system naturally by the liver and kidneys. 

Lies about detox diets

The body is well-equipped to detox on it’s own through the liver and kidneys. Some other organ in the body eliminate toxins too such as the digestive system, skin, and lymphatic system.

Eating healthy is supporting these systems which is far more beneficial than any detoxification program, pill, or supplement.

#2.  Detox can restore health.

 If you overeat too often, that can damage the liver over a period of time. And that’s something no detox can fix. Fried foods and sugary drinks are hard for the liver to process, and excessively consumption of each of these foods causes fat in the liver.

When the development of these fats in the liver begins, it’s there for good. Even if you lose body weight, the fat in your liver will stay. This is what is called as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

If you are an alcohol addict, that can add more fat to your liver which pose you to liver cirrhosis and alcoholic fatty liver disease.

The fat in your liver is a one-way consumption. It can get in your body, but it can never get out. However you can quit putting in more fat by eating a healthy diet and limiting alcohol.

And if you switch to a healthy, plant-based diet of lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, you will likely get all the benefits detox products claim to offer.

This includes reduced inflammation, improved digestion, more energy and a boost to your immune system.

Lies about detox diets
Lies about detox diets

Cleansing diets are not harmful, since they are based on fundamental foods in any eating routine such as fruits and vegetables, however one cannot speak of a generalized application to any individual since nutritional needs may vary by person.

False promises of detox diets

#1. Detox diets do not purify the digestive system of women by itself, but rather help to eliminate toxins from both the kidneys and the liver, organs in charge of carrying out these tasks.

#2. Detoxifying regimes are not balanced since they do without macronutrients -such as proteins or some types of fats- fundamental in any basic diet worth its salt.

#3. They are not suitable for everyone. This is the case of pregnant women, who need a certain level of fat in the body to be able to promote the proper growth of the fetus, or women with diabetes, who could see their blood glucose levels altered, leading to  worsening of the illness.

#4. The abuse of any substance can be toxic, even water, and in this the defenders of detox diets are not without reason.

But it is also true that our body develops a complex system of protection and cleansing formed, firstly, by the skin and the intestine and, secondly, by the liver. This precept questions any usefulness that these types of regimes could have.

#5. Detox diets can have detrimental effects on women, as long as they exceed the stipulated application period. In fact, the lack of nutrients and minerals can cause not only a significant loss of muscle mass but also the development of problems such as mild anemia or cramps.


You don’t have to start a detox diet before you detox your body. You can actually detox your body naturally by exercising regularly, because sweating eliminates toxins through the skin. 

You can practice a regular sleep routine by striving for seven hours of sleep every night and practice yoga or meditations every mornings.



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